Wood insulation, energy-saving, longevity, insulating quality, insulating wood
ISOHOLZ insulating wood. The best insulating quality guaranteed for 30 years. No mineral wool >>
Thermium, infrared sauna, infrared cabin
THERMIUM The exclusive infrared sauna with wood insulation >>
Meditherm, steam generator, aroma bath, sauna, steam bath
MEDITHERM steam generator with herbs and aromatic vaporizer >>


The RUKU Sauna Factory in Illertissen produces top quality saunas to your specifications. Our claim is construction of the best possible sauna or infrared cabin for your requirements. The crucial difference from other sauna producers is our wood insulation. This is made using fibre materials that pose no risk to health and offers the best quality insulation that lasts for decades - and it comes as standard in all our sauna and infrared cabins.

For our infrared sauna we use a special infrared surface system. Compared to a sauna oven, in the RUKU thermium this permits gentle sweating and ensures the best cabin climate with a high oxygen content. In addition, the RUKU Meditherm steam generator enables you to enjoy a steam or aromatic bath in the same cabin (thermium or sauna).

Your thermium or sauna is individually produced according to your preferences regarding size, equipment and design. Our sauna expert will be happy to provide you with personal advice on all the possibilities relating to our sauna and infrared cabins.

You can find further information on our products in Italian, French or English available for download here:

Do you have further questions or do you need some advice? Then simply send an e-mail to info@ruku-manufaktur.de. We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Product Overview

Infrared sauna thermium, infrared cabin, sauna
Infrared sauna thermium
A gentle heat bath or dry sauna heat? In the thermium you can set your individual feel-good climate. Between 35 and 80 °C via the infrared heating integrated into the wall.
 Classic sauna with sauna oven, wood insulation
Classic sauna
Exclusive saunas equipped with the classic sauna oven. The efficient wood insulation ensures rapid heating and minimum energy consumption - for decades.
Meditherm steam generator, steam bath, aroma bath, herbal bath
Meditherm steam generator
The perfect addition to your sauna or your thermium: With Meditherm, you can enjoy soothing steam and aroma baths in the same cabin.
Ruku factory outdoor sauna, outside sauna, garden sauna
Outdoor sauna
With an outdoor sauna or a garden thermium from the Ruku factory, you can enjoy sweat baths in their most original form.
Steam bath
Steam bath
Healthy relaxation in plumes of hot steam. Steam baths range from a private two-person cabin to a large-scale commercial sauna.
Spa Complex
Spa complex
Thermium, steam bath, cooling, massage, sun bath: The Ruku factory can create your complete spa complex with various wellness offerings.
Die Sauna-Manufaktur
RUKU Sauna-Manufaktur - made in Germany seit 1852
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